45. Skupština Hrvatskoga knjižničarskog društva, 2020.

Knjižnice u doba krize


International Relations Session


15:00 – 16:00

Moderator: dr. sc. Dijana Machala


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Ilona Kish, Public Libraries 2030

Digital Education Action Plan and the Role of Libraries


Ilona is a Library Avenger. As Director of Public Libraries 2030, she aims to create a stronger European library sector through EU advocacy and network building. A former Secretary General of Culture Action, Ilona has extensive experience in EU advocacy and campaigning, as well as a thorough working knowledge of both the operational and political functions of EU institutions.

She talks about recent activities on Digital education action plan and she will exchange her experience on how Public Libraries 2030 will create connections that deliver innovative new projects and demonstrate to decision makers the many ways in which libraries improve lives and communities.

Ulrike Lang, Gillian Hallam, Raymond Pun, IFLA CPDWL

CLA and IFLA CPDWL follow-up cooperation projects



In August 2019, the IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning (CPDWL) Section partnered with the Croatian Library Association to host a day and a half satellite meeting in the National and University Library in Zagreb. The theme was called, “Librarians and Information Professionals as (Pro)motors of Change: Immersing, Including and INitiating Digital Transformation for Smart Societies.” The programme committee members surveyed attendees immediately after the satellite meeting and a year after on their experiences and to identify how participants transferred their learning from the meeting to their workplaces. CPDWL Officers will highlight findings from the survey results and will provide some recommendations on transferring learning to the workplace. The session will also introduce CPDWL’s resources and services in continuing professional development for the library and information community. From 2019-2020, even during the pandemic, CPDWL members have been active in specific initiatives such as coaching, podcasting, webinars and social media engagements. Learn more about CPDWL and how you can get involved!

Marta Dyson, Graham Woodward, Wiley

Wiley access and resources in Croatia



In this session, your Wiley representatives will guide you through an overview of Wiley in Croatia. Discover the Wiley journals collection made available for you and your patrons. Also, find out more about the dedicated support Wiley has provided over the year so far and how we will continue.

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