47. izborna Skupština Hrvatskoga knjižničarskog društva

Zadar, II Palače, 5. – 8. listopada 2022.




Polivalentna dvorana

12:30 – 13:45

Moderiraju: Marija Bartolić, Marijana Tomić, Dijana Machala


Stephen Wyber

Director, Policy and Advocacy, IFLA, Netherlands

IFLA advocacy program and projects


Stephen Wyber is Director, Policy and Advocacy at IFLA. His team works on issues around copyright, development, heritage, culture, internet governance and human rights, both engaging directly in international processes and supporting libraries to become stronger advocates for their missions and needs. He previously worked for the UK Foreign Ministry in Paris.

In his introductory talk, Stephen Wyber will present recent IFLA activities in the advocacy field.

Susan Haigh

Executive Director, Canadian Association of Research Libraries, Canada

IFLA MLAS national library associations survey: focus on advocacy


Susan Haigh is executive director of the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL), an association of Canada’s 31 largest research libraries. She oversees a range of national initiatives to promote open scholarship, build research data management capacity (CARL’s Portage network), and advocate for research library interests. Susan has a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Victoria and a Master of Library and Information Science from Western University.

Susan Haigh will present the results of the IFLA MLAS survey conducted among the national library associations. Special focus will be given on advocacy.

Dijana Machala

National and University Library in Zagreb, Croatia

IFLA MLAS advocacy impact evaluation project

Dijana Machala is Assistant Director General for University Affairs at the National and University Library. She is president of the Croatian Library Association president from 2018, and member of the Standing Committee of the IFLA Management of Library Associations Section. Dijana leads the IFLA MLAS Advocacy Impact Evaluation project 2022 – 2023.

Dijana Machala will provide an overview of the IFLA MLAS Advocacy Impact Evaluation project 2022 – 2023.

Hella Klauser

German Library Association

IFLA European Regional Division: aspect on advocacy

Hella Klauser is responsible for international cooperation within the  Network of Excellence  for Libraries (knb) at the German Library Association (Deutscher  Bibliotheksverband dbv) in Berlin, Germany. Hella coordinates IFLA issues and supports IFLA Members in Germany, as well as runs the secretariat of the IFLA-National committee Germany. She is member of the Standing Committee of the IFLA Management of Library Associations Section. Besides this, since August 2021 she has represented Germany in IFLA’s new Europe Regional Division.

Hella will present the IFLA European Regional Division and will talk about its advocacy activities.


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